Our collaboration project with Radboud University titled ‘Ultrasound Neurotech’ has been nominated for the open call HHT-HiTMaT 2020 from Holland High Tech. The aim of this call is to connect high-tech public-private partnerships in societal themes (https://www.hollandhightech.nl/news/genominiteiten-hitmat-call-2020).

Ultrasound Neuromodulation

In our project we focus on ultrasonic stimulation for non-invasive treatment of brain disorders. One in four people has a brain disorder. Think of epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease or depression. This has major consequences for the daily lives of the patients themselves, but also their friends and family. The societal and economical impact is enormous.

The cause of brain disorders often lies deep in the brain. These brain regions are difficult to reach without invasive surgery or medication. The past years a revolution has started using ultrasound waves. It is already possible to apply non-invasive surgery with ultrasound for seriously ill patients. With ultrasound neuromodulation it will be possible to temporarily stear brain activity towards healthy function. Treatment of a wide range of brain disorders will be within reach. In this project the team will not only use ultrasound neuromodulation, but personalise it to the individuals brain and skull features. This is critical, as your brain is unique like your fingerprint.

More information

You can find more on our nomination as well as videos on focused ultrasound surgery here.